My name is Zainab ‘Adunni’ Sulaiman, my friends call me Zee. Currently living in Lagos, Nigeria, and I have a B.A in Psychology (also Pan-African Studies), and an MSc in Global Mental Health. I identify as Nigerian-American (you can read more about that here). I am obsessed with the color brown and spicy food. In between those obsessions are reading African and South Asian lit, traveling, listening to King Sunny Ade, and avidly pursuing Christ.

What is AdunniBrown all about? 

Adunni Brown is the intersection in which faith and passions meet everyday living, resilience, and culture. If you consider yourself either a follower of Christ, womanist/feminist, a foodie, an Afropolitan, a LIT bibliophile, you’ve come to the right place. Because, there will be A LOT food recipes, and pictures, so be warned because I reserve the right to post food not entirely fit-fam approved! There will be book reviews and recommendations, there will be sharing of memories and struggles (especially struggles of a womanist *currently* living in Nigeria), and there will be talks about my journey to faith, but most importantly there will be JOY. Lots of JOY! 
Thank you for stopping by, If you’re new you can browse around a bit, but I recommend checking out this post first! 

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  1. Beautiful words darling, keep it up and sky will be your limit.