Egg Sandwich with a Low Carb Bread

I’m so sure if someone were to collect top five new year goals from a sample of people from at least 50 different countries—‘lose weight’ or ‘eat healthier’ would be among 95% of the sample’s New Year goals. And without shame, eating healthier is also one of my New Year goals. 

In mid-March last year, I started making changes to my diet and exercising and I have been able to lose 35 pounds since then, still on that journey though (check out @irinajoadunni on Insta). Anyways, one of the ways I did that was to eat less carbs. It sounds impossible for a Nigerian carb laden diet, but it is possible and rewardingly so. 

I’ve never been too much of a bread person but I love breakfast and by default, love a good breakfast sandwich. In a desperate attempt to find a replacement for bread in my treasured egg sandwich, I researched and came up with this super easy, fast, paleo and low-carb bread with a Nigerian twist. 

Would you believe me if I told you this was made in the microwave? Only takes about 10 minutes? Tastes JUST like an McMuffin/English Muffin? Will keep you fuller than any of those two could ever? You probably won’t until you try it for yourself.

What you'll need 

1 egg
1 tablespoon of coconut flour 
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 table spoon of grass-fed butter
3 tablespoons of almond Flour

*you may or may not notice (haha), but I love Trader Joe’s and I recommend buying their coconut and almond flours. This isn’t sponsored,I prefer their quality and I’ve tried about 6 different brands of coconut and almond flour.

s e a s o n i n g s

a dash of salt
yaji powder (optional, but it’s the Nigerian twist!)
or other seasonings (e.g. for a sweet bagel-like muffin, add cinnamon, a dash of vanilla and a sweetener of your choice)

What you'll do

1. In a microwave safe bowl or mug (ideally a ramekin), melt the butter for 20-30 seconds. You don’t want it completely melted or the bread won’t be moist. 
2. Add in the flour and other spices and mix well.
3. Add in the egg, whisk, and flatten out the batter evenly. (I often tap the ramekin on a oven mitt to ensure its even in the bottom. Let the batter sit for 3 minutes.

4. Microwave for about 1min30sec, each microwave varies, you can use a knife or a toothpick to check if its done. 

5. Once the bread has cooled a little, slice it in half and grill in a pan or toast in a toaster! 

There you have it! The bread is done! You can top it with whatever you like: cream cheese, an egg, peanut butter and jelly, avocado, the options are endless.

I topped mine with an egg, bacon, cheese, spring onions and of course, pepper powder!

Try this out and you won’t regret it! If you live in Nigeria, almond flour and coconut flour may be difficult to find, so let me know if you need help finding it!

Tackling Goals with a Reading Challenge!

Happy New Year! 

It's been way too long. I hope January wasn't too long for you? I hope you set some realistic and smart goals? 

I’ve always wondered: when do you stop saying “Happy New Year”? Is it in the first week of January when school and work resumes? Or do you keep saying it every time you see someone you haven’t seen this year? I was in my moms office earlier this week and she said ‘happy new year’ and I wondered is it socially acceptable to still say ‘happy new year’ on January 30th? New Years and Christmas seems so far gone (although my Christmas tree is still up #judgenot). However, we are only on day 31 out of 365 days, after all. 

So anyways, this is my last official new year greeting! I intentionally haven’t posted due to the combination of weddings, festivities and settling into the new year. Plus, I really wanted to strategize for the blog, and take time to set goals and my vision for the year. 

Two goals I set for the year are to: 1) learn continuously; and 2) be happy and do happy. One way I’ve decided to tackle/accomplish both goals is to read more. And not just in numbers or to read what I typically read but to expand my horizon and read about places, peoples, and issues I typically wouldn’t. Most of the books I buy tend to be African literature, which is fine but there’s a world of fiction and non-fiction to discover and explore. Which is why I created this challenge, although it mostly revolves around work by people of color, I still believe the topical books would open a new gateway for me and others who participate. Not only will I learn more, but I’ll also be doing something that makes me happy. 

I’m excited for this challenge and I hope you guys participate. Just because there are 18 prompts does not necessarily mean you will read 18 books. For instance, Kindred by Octavia Butler fits into at least two categories (Afro-futurist and one word title). I’ve put in some suggestions of books, but there are hundreds more for each category. So go ahead, save the picture below or download the pdf here and expand your bookshelf with me! 

If you’re going to participate comment below and be sure to use the hashtags on IG/Twitter! 

Also, I’m considering doing a goal setting post, let me know below if you’d like a post on that. 

I hope your year has been off to a great start and gets better!