How Will You Leave? World Wide Wednesday #1

Hi loves! 

I love the beginning of a new month, mainly because I love setting goals and being reinvigorated, same reason I kinda like Monday’s (yes, I rarely have Monday blues, hehe). I also really love November, and dearly missing fall weather and all the fall flavored food/drinks. 

I had to take a long unexpected break from this newly launched blog (sigh) because life just happened. It was needed for my sanity. After some weeks shame and disappointment crept up, I was upset with myself for taking time off, and when I was ready to start blogging I didn’t know where to start. So since it’s a new month and also a Wednesday, today felt like a good day to start a series I've wanted to start since September— World Wide Wednesday. Like the name? I thought long and hard about it. Haha! 

On every other Wednesday  (typically in the morning unlike this one, lol) I’ll be sharing fun, inspiring, and necessary links, photos and videos from around the web to get you over the midweek slump or as I've seen on numerous memes, the Wednesday hump. In addition, on the first of every month, I'll be sharing my monthly fives, not necessarily goals but things I'd like to accomplish and also cook for that month. Meaning this post is a two in one! 

This week's theme is "how will you leave?" based off the social media/Instagram photo spotlight. The the majority of links revolve around making an impact, standing for what you believe, and living your life as bold as you can.

Here we go:


As I mentioned earlier, I'm missing all things fall. I recently started making butternut squash and pumpkin soup just to indulge in fall Nigeria. When I saw this picture I thought it was butternut squash and got excited. But it isn't. It's egusi. Egusi isn't my favorite soup, but I do really like the Ijebu version, which has no vegetables in it. This is such a creative recipe by Afrolems,  she and many other food bloggers have crossed necessary boundaries to make unique Nigerian dishes, forever changing the perspective of food and how it connects us all. Plan on trying this one really soon.



Self Care/Love

I recently followed this page and fell in love with the graphics and messages. This one is especially important as a woman I often find myself apologizing for the space I take up, for the things I do or say. And I hate it. How can I live my best life, boldly if I am constantly apologizing for who I am? 


Social Media Favorite 

This was by far my favorite post on social media this past week. I love Mari's artwork and messages, they're always so relatable. But this one shook me. It made me think hard about laying in bed after work instead of finishing off a research proposal. It also motivated me to return to my blog. Which inspired the title/theme for this post, how will you leave this earth? How will you be remembered? As the girl who scrolled through IG envious of other's  success? Or as the go-getter? It's your choice.



When I came across this quiz, I honestly thought it would be like one of those long BuzzFeed quizzes asking an array of obscure questions to arrive at a sometimes funny conclusion but it wasn't. It caught my attention mainly because I'm currently reading Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists. And according to this quiz and Adichie, it really boils down to two questions and one general goal-- equality and empowerment. 

During midweek service two weeks ago, this video was played and it made me tear up. Reminded me of how amazing Jesus is, how much we are loved by him and how strong my identity is in him.

On the radio last week and even around twitter, I heard about this young man who was expelled from a university in Nigeria, when he was already in his last year. It is quite frustrating how the Nigerian education system from primary school all the way to the tertiary level does not allow for freedom of speech. Nothing the guy stated, in my opinion was offensive to the school, he was simply stating how he finally found someone in the school who encouraged him. I often wonder how we can move forward if we don't allow youth to speak for themselves. 

November Fives

Like I said earlier, November is one of my favorite months, it's like the calm before the storm that is December, especially a December in Lagos. Here are the five things I hope to accomplish:

1. Start and complete a write the scripture daily plan. I often let my worldly pursuits stray me from mediating on God's word, though I pray daily, I am really trying to cultivate a habit of mediating and study the scripture for a particular topic. 

2. Cook a dish from Northern Nigeria, living in Nigeria made me realize how I only eat Yoruba Nigerian dishes. I have never even tasted the popular Edikaikong or Afang Soups from the Calabar and Ibibio Tribes respectively. i also saw a friend making an Hausa dish, Masa on Snapchat and made me realize I my knowledge and food abilities when it comes to Nigerian food is quite limited. 

3. Socialize, this might sound ridiculous but it is so easy to get caught up in my head, work and books and stay at home. Making it a goal to attend at least 4 social events where I have to mingle with people I don't know. Pray for my guys.

4. Read 5 books, I was on a roll in October. I read 5 books and I think I can do the same this month. I also want to read a book set somewhere outside of the U.S, South Asia, and the African continent. 

5. Walk 20,000 steps in one day. I've been on a journey to get healthier which has included aiming to get at least 7,000-10,000 steps in a day. The highest I've reach was 16,000 so I'm ambitiously aiming for 20,000. Yekpa. 


Anyways that's all for today guys. Quite a lengthy post but I reckon filled with some gems? Let me know what you related with the most and what your fives or goals for this month are. 

Happy November! 

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