A Woman, Regardless : World Wide Wednesday #2

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Hope you're not suffering from the midweek blues like I am. Not so much that I am tired from work, but I am tired from the world. There has been a lot of talk around social media spaces about sexual harassment & misogyny and it's consequences. On the flip side, I've been feeling extra inspired by women, who regardless of the burden women are subjected to, are still a full life, inspiring others, sharing their stories and working tirelessly to dismantle a rigid society in dire need of change.

While this series it meant to be lighthearted and meant to motivate, I believe it is importnat to talk about these things. This is the reality of flow women, and humans. These are things So this will be different from the previous WWW (if you didn't see the first one, check it out!) and the ones to follow. In the first half I'll share few issues that stuck me, and ultimately nudged me to center today's WWW around this. In the second half, I'll share links and videos about the women who have inspired and motivated over the past few days to take joy in being myself, black, and a woman, regardless.

Do enjoy!


Me Too
Currently falling in love with Instagram 'doodlers' whose art provide social commentary on issues I'm passionate about. This was on my discover page on IG and it aptly describes my feelings about the current sexual harassment/assault revelations about Hollywood celebrities. Combined with my own experiences, those of friends and families, those splashed across the news and those highlighted through the #MeToo campaign, I feel increasingly hopeless and ANGRY.


Refusing to stay silent 
One of my dear friends (who has an amazing clean beauty blog), Queen, posted about her experience with sexual harassment, and she accurately details the very real and frustrating reasons women do not speak about their experiences: (1) fear of drawing attention to myself,  (2) [worrying] about what might happen to assailantsnot wanting to tarnish their reputation, and (3) fear that no one would believe me. It is quite frustrating that this is the reality of women who face unwanted sexual attention and violation. In the end she brilliantly details the flip side of her reasons: I will no longer indirectly protect men who try to violate me and other women. There are consequences for our actions. You should think about consequences before assaulting or harassing someone. I do not care about your reputation, your family or your job. I do hope that with the current discussion of these issues, more and more perpetrators will be named and shamed.

Because the religious leaders said so
The latest sitcom titled "fake Nigerian politics and morals" showcases yet again (1) how religion has often been used as an excuse fro misogyny and to opress women (2) our leaders really just don't get it. The country's military took several steps backward from their 2011 step forward in training female regular combatant cadets in the Nigerian Army (apparently they will still be trained in the Nigerian Navy and Air Force). The reason? Northern Muslim clerics test the idea of and want to prevent a situation where, one day, a woman will lead the army and give orders to men (them). Basically, women were outperforming men (haha) and were moving up the ladder, apparently two female cadets beat their male counterparts and won a place in the United States Military Academy. Classic case of salty men in power.

Women exploited because of poverty
In this post, I talked about how I was mistaken for a prostitute on a solo trip to Rome. There has always been something quite fascinating and gravely disturbing to me about trafficking. Over the years, I've come across women trafficked  in my line of work and I continually work to understand the nuances behind trafficking. and conducted researched to improve their rehabilitation. However, last week over two dozen Nigerian and other west African women were murdered while attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea. Here, as in most cases of trafficking, the interaction between poverty, gender and racism cannot be unraveled.


We all go through something
So now, I've dumped all this depressing information on you, how do you react? Though these might be triggering, painful, and frustrating it is the reality and staying informed is the painstaking yet  important first step to the world I described in the beginning. And so is taking care of yourself and other women. Also self love/self care is not just eating comfort food (sobs into giant plate of plantain) but realizing what hurts, why, and getting the help you need.


Not just the food
Including this was not because of the food, although these akara donuts or as Chisom Ombau likes to call them "akaronuts" did draw my attention to her page, 9jaDelicaies makes me want to get up and work. Chisom, the creator behind 9jaDelicacies is a mother of 3, a wife, a food blogger and has a full-time job. On top of that her pictures make her food look as amazing as I am sure they taste. So for me, and I hoe for you too, Chisom epitomizes that women can do it all, be it all, however they want.


Live for yourself
This speech by one of my many #WCE, Tracee Ellis Ross, reminds and encourages us to live our lives for ourselves. Becoming the "Brave you" as Ross says, gives us the courage to hold our own agency, our own choice, our own desire, our own longings, our own fear, our own grief, our own future.

A throwback to pick you up
This is for my girls all around the world
Who've come across a man who don't respect your worth
Thinking all women should be seen, not heard So what do we do girls?
Shout out loud!
Do you recognize these lyrics? Over the weekend I a found myself humming to Genie in the Bottle by Christina Aguilera and went on a Christina Aguilera music binge session. When I got to Can't Hold Us Down, I couldn't believe how much of a feminist/female power/let's show our worth anthem it was. This song deserves a post of it's own, which may come later. But for now, let this be your pick up song for the rest of the week, reminding you to stand your ground, believe in yourself, and just revel in your strength and amazingness as a woman, or (if your a man reading this, let it remind you that your female counterparts are worthy of respect).


Hope you enjoyed this one! This was tough but fun to write and I hope you learn something new, enjoy the rest of your week and remember women all over the world are sharing their stories and declaring their power.

Which of these stood out to you the most? How do you feel about all that's going on? Please share down below! 

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