From FEAR to COURAGE in 5 steps

From the date of this post, you'd notice that this site has been around for over two years. I purchased a domain and had ideas lined out in February of 2015, after my friend Layo had encouraged me to share my love for cooking and more.

But fear can be debilitating.

It convinces you you cannot do things that God has said you can do, it convinces you that you are worthless, and it convinces you the world does not need what you have to offer.

A lot has changed over the past two years. My walk with Christ has gradually opened me to a life of freedom— I mean, Jesus did die to set us free—freedom to pursue things that fear told me I couldn't in the past. Walking with Christ means He is literally with you in all you do as Joshua 1:9 says.

Without going to deep about how fear has impacted me, I will share how I have conquered/am conquering fear every day. A journey that led me to finally jump and launch this blog.

1.  Affirm yourself, daily. 
Each morning I read my affirmations to myself (I have this on a post-it by my mirror).
Reminding yourself of who you are, and your capabilities sets the tone for each day which will have a snow ball effect onto how you live your life.

I posted some of my affirmations on Twitter:

2. Ask yourself what it is you really fear:
I journal A LOT. So for the past two years, when I'm overwhelmed I write down exactly what scares me, knowing what exactly you fear is key in conquering it! 

3. Declare who God is to you:
God is so many things, we cannot even begin  quantify. Reminding yourself of who he is can change how you feel. Like Sinach reminds us He is a "way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and light in the darkness." 

4. Speak the future you desire:
In 2015, I started telling myself ayomayimka which means joy will surround me. I actually have a couple of posts on Insta with that hashtag. Speaking positivity into your own future gradually challenges the fear of failure. 

5. Mediate on the Word and PRAY:
Delighting in God's word, promises, and works will remind you that God has done many things before and He can surely do it again and again and again — according to His will. 

These are the ways in which I have been tackling fear head on. Which brought me to this point: where I am becoming confident and filled with courage sharing my journey and love for cooking, reading, being vulnerable and more! 

Let me know how YOU conquer fear below.